Board of Trustees

A HUGE Mustard Seed Foundation welcome to our newest board members:

Tyree L. Fields

Chairman of the Board, The Mustard Seed Foundation

Photo of Ty Fields

Chair, Board of Directors
The Mustard Seed Foundation of Dayton

Ty Fields is the Founder and President of S.T.A.R.S. Youth Enrichment Program (Skills, Talent, Action, Results, and Success) a unique program that supports and mentors boys and girls age 8-15.

The goal of STARS is to: Increase the Concept of Self: Help youth value and love self. Also, build self-esteem and confidence while managing their conflicts and emotions. Improve Academic Proficiency: Help students understand the value of learning and investing themselves more education. Improve Social Acuity: Holistically develop their character and content of our young participants. Improve Sense of Community: Promote an understanding that service to others is just as important as fulfilling one’s own desires. Improve Financial Literacy and Create Vocational Opportunities: Youth learn the basics of personal finance while developing habits and attitudes about money that will positively influence them throughout their lives. Paying it Forward: Students learn the value of giving back to others and are encouraged to get involved!






Antoinette Adams, Vice Chair
Angela Matlock, Secretary
Ryan Ivory, Board Member
Shondale Atkinson Dorise, Board Member

We thank you for your willingness to serve as an advocate for the young people in our care!