Camp Counselor

Camp Counselor

Seasonal Position compensated Bi-Weekly



High School Graduate/GED, Valid Driver’s License, First Aid, CPR. Ability to read, write speak common English vocabulary. Ability to make brief and accurate oral or written report concerning observation and services provided. Valid Driver’s License with no driving restrictions neither personal nor imposed by the DMV. Valid vehicle insurance on vehicles driven while on duty. Physically and mentally competent to work with youth and families

SUMMARY:  Aid in general program and guidance of campers Let campers know from the beginning what is expected of them and be consistent about enforcing the rules. Attend all meeting for camp leaders and pre-camp training sessions actively participate to help improve and make the camp program better. Cooperation with, cheerful assistance of an unselfish interest in other counselors and their work when it is needed. Make suggestions to Camp Manager and Camp Coordinator as the camp progresses.

Essential Duties:  The counselor is directly responsible to the camp coordinator for behavior of his or her assigned group and for specific responsibilities assigned. Any changes from normal routine should be cleared with the coordinator. Camp procedures, policies and problems should be discussed with the Camp Director Volunteer your services to camp or program director for activities in which you have competence. Campers’ health problems or injuries are a personal matter and should only be discussed with persons immediately involved with Health Supervision and First Aid.


DESIRED CHARACTERISTICS Working with campers 1) Be aware of their welfare and the adjustments they have to make to an entirely new and novel situation. Understand their background so you may understand better their reactions and actions. 2) Be sure campers understand camp rules, health and safety regulations, and table manners. Follow these rules and regulations yourself. 3) Be friendly but never partial. It is easy to like the likeable, amusing and talented child, but do not neglect the quiet child; he has needs as well. 4) Be agreeable and firm, not bossy and naggy. Make only reasonable requests and expect them to be granted graciously and promptly. 5) Help the camper uphold the traditions and ideals of the camp. This suggests never discussing the camp policies or personnel in an unfavorable light with any camper. 6) Respect the camper’s personality and his right to have ideas. Understand his point of view, his individual talents, and his need for expression and creative activity. 7) Be with your campers or know where they are at all times unless you have a substitute approved by the coordinator. 8) Work with campers to maintain a clean camp. Outline camp duties, assign jobs, and pitch in to help. Develop good habits of neatness, cleanliness and health. 9) Enjoy their camp experience with them. Enter into their fun and joy of adventure. If you do not enjoy things, the campers will not enjoy doing them with you. Help them to feel that they belong to the camp and to the group. 10) A good example is indispensable – you may be your campers’ pattern, the person they admire and want to be like some day. c. Working with other counselors. Turn in a complete evaluation to Camp Coordinator at close of the camp. Be frank and objective in your appraisal. Point out the good as well as the bad features of the camp needing improvement.

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