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exterior_5Residential Parenting Facility is a 10 bedroom residential parenting facility for teen moms and their children. The program serves teen mothers ages 13 to 21, who are currently in state or county custody or who have been referred by other local service agencies. The program offers pregnant and parenting adolescent moms and their children housing, basic necessities, adult supervision and guidance, as well as the supportive services they need to become healthy, strong and self-sufficient families. Participants are encouraged to stay in the program for a minimum of two-years. The residential parenting facility program ensures the safety and health of teen mothers and their children. Teen mothers create and implement self-sufficiency plans to aid them in breaking the cycle of poverty and future dependency solely on public assistance. Through supportive services and a nurturing environment, teen mothers develop the life skills and knowledge they need to prepare them for more independent living situations. While in the program, teen’s progress toward high school graduation, achieving their GED, setting advanced educational goals or otherwise preparing for the job market. Teens also receive counseling and education to delay further childbearing as they work toward greater maturity and stability as well as parenting classes to teach them how to be responsible and caring parents. Additionally, other supportive services are offered such as, financial planning and career readiness classes. These services will enable participants to become productive, self-sufficient, responsible and independent for life.

Program Goals:

Goal 1: Teen mothers will refrain from having any more children until they have completed their educational goals, are stable and self-sufficient.
Goal 2: Teen mothers will provide a safe, caring and positive environment for their children.
Goal 3: Teen mothers will develop a self-sufficiency plan
Goal 4: Teen mothers will learn to access and utilize available community resources and referral services.
Goal 5: Teen mothers will graduate from high school or receive their GED
Goal 6: After graduation, teen mothers attend college or trade school

Please call (937) 529-9815 for TMSF admission criteria and referral process.